Hi! I’m Adrian.
Data scientist
& developer.

I data

Data is an exact thumbprint of the world's behaviour and psychology at any given moment.

With data, I get to know what the world is thinking and feeling and what it will do next.

Things I've done

AWS film shoot

I talked to Amazon Web Services about Carl, one of the awesome machine learning tools that we built at Airtasker.

Carl is an algorithm that classifies the tasks posted to the Airatasker platform. He’s named after Carl Linnaeus.

Google Street View API

Google’s API doesn’t allow you to download old images from Street View. So, I made a Python library to download old and new photos from Google Steet View.

Babies and cats

I used some fancy maths and Google trends to uncover relationships between people's online searches and their economy. I found out that U.S. states with higher rates of infant mortality Google for bad credit, loans, and information on sexually transmitted diseases.

I wrote a paper about it.

Coventry in data

I made a series of data visualisations bringing to life the city of Coventry from the UK census.

Shorter titles

I wanted to know if we can quantify aspects of academic writing that correlate with how a paper is received. I found out that scientific papers with shorter titles recieve more citations.

I wrote a paper about it. It made the front page of Reddit for a day. It was featured in:

Google data API

Analysing huge amounts of Google data is hard when you have to download it by hand.

I made a Python library to download Google data that’s protected by a login.

Robot races

I teach kids a crash course in programming Lego robots. Classes are for school years 6+. At the end, the kids race their robots against the clock through an obstical course using a combination of light and ultrasonic sensors.

Christmas lecture

I co-hosted a 2015 Christmas Lecture at the University of Warwick. The show was about robotics, and all the different parts that make a functioning robot, as well as the roles these robots now play in society. We had audience members on the stage to help us demonstrate how programming works, how artificial intelligence works and how we make robots look friendly. We had a huge array of robots on the stage, but the highlight was a small humanoid robot called Nao who walked onto the stage and delighted the audience.

Where I've spent my time

Airtasker helps you to realise the full value of your skills.

Senior Data Scientist
May 2017 - Present

I’m responsible for building the machine learning pipeline and algorithms at Airtasker.

I’ve built systems to automate platform moderation, deal with task categorisation, recommend tasks to users and am currently working on pricing models that allow us to optimise our pricing to perfection.

I’ve build models of our underlying business using advanced statistical techniques that allow us to project the business into the future and understand where we need to focus our efforts.

When you’re learning maths, Mathspace is the right help at the right time.

R&D Software Engineer & Data Scientist
September 2016 - May 2017 (9 months)

I organised the company’s data and built tools to help them understand their data and create more value for their customers and the company.

I developed the next generation of adaptive learning algorithms to further automate the learning experience. Kids are now learning independently.

Data Scientist
May 2014 - June 2016 (2 years 2 months)

I used online data such as Google search logs to predict real world behaviour like future stock prices. Highlights include:

- Engineered software on a Python/Javascript/HTML/CSS stack to predict future student numbers of the Warwick Business school and improve business operations.

- Engineered various web tools in for business stakeholders to analyse large datasets.-Lead the development or had a hand in developing any software that was used outside of our team.

- Created a multitude of data visualisations and infographics to showcase my own work and the work of the team.

Ph.D. Student
2011 - 2013 (3 years)

I developed a rigorous mathematical framework for traditional methods of trading. I used statistical analysis to dissect and understand how the methods generated profits.