Adrian Letchford
Data Scientist, Developer, & Robot Guy

I'm a data scientist.

Shorter titles paper

I wanted to know if we can quantify aspects of academic writing that correlate with how a paper is received. I found out that scientific papers with shorter titles recieve more citations.

This work was featured in Science, Nature, Scientific American, The Times, The Daily Mail, and was on the front page of Reddit for a day.

I make things.

Science writer

A web app that highlights words which our brains find hard to process. This is a common problem in scientific writing.

I use robots to teach kids how to program and solve problems.

Robot races

I teach kids a crash course in programming Lego robots. Classes are for school years 6+. At the end, the kids race their robots against the clock through an obstical course using a combination of light and ultrasonic sensors.

Christmas Lecture 2015

I co-hosted a 2015 Christmas Lecture at the University of Warwick. The show was about robotics, and all the different parts that make a functioning robot, as well as the roles these robots now play in society. We had audience members on the stage to help us demonstrate how programming works, how artificial intelligence works and how we make robots look friendly. We had a huge array of robots on the stage, but the highlight was a small humanoid robot called Nao who walked onto the stage and delighted the audience.